Home ABA Program Development

Program development entails a full evaluation (preference assessment, functional behavior assessment, skills assessments) of the client, development of goals, development of objectives and teaching strategies and initial team and family training. Programs are developed by certified behavior analysts.


For new or established clients who wish to have a consultation on a specific issue or for ongoing supervision and training for home programs either designed by us or another provider. Service can include remote consultations, e-mail consultation, report writing, program updates, and staff/parent training.

Family Training

Training provided to families, babysitters, and other significant people in the client’s life. Our consultants will provide training on program goals, data collection, model and explain specific teaching procedures, and provide suggestions and guidance on program maintenance and generalization of skills.

IEP Consultation

IEP recommendations, development of goals, participation in IEP meeting.

Management of Severe Behaviors

Assessment and analysis of challenging behaviors, development of behavior reduction procedures, therapist and family training, and on-going consultation for the treatment of challenging behaviors.

Team Meetings

Consultants, therapists, family members, and other paraprofessionals meet together to discuss progress, program goals and potential challenges. Team meetings are meant to enhance collaboration among program consultants, therapists/tutors, and family members.

Direct Teaching/ 1:1 therapy with BCBA

1:1 ABA therapy provided by a board certified behavior analyst

Direct Teaching/ 1:1 therapy with a trained tutor/therapist

1:1 ABA therapy provided by a tutor/therapist.

Training Workshops/Seminars

Workshops and seminars can be tailored to an individual or group’s specific needs. Common topics are: ABA basics, toilet training, managing challenging behaviors, teaching in the natural environment, and social skills.