ABA Therapist/Tutor

An ABA therapist applicant should be someone who is reliable, creative, positive, and has the initiative to help manage ABA programs for children with autism and other disabilities. Our ABA therapists are responsible for working closely with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA®) to implement 1:1 interventions using ABA principles and techniques to children with autism and related disorders. They implement behavioral treatment plans predominately in the home setting. Ongoing training is provided.

Responsibilities include:

  • Following an in-home ABA program supervised by a BCBA
  • Collecting data based on client response and behavior
  • Assessing and reporting client progress
  • Participating in meetings to review client progress
  • Providing assistance in parent and/or therapist training
  • Development of program and creation of teaching materials

ABA Consultant

An ABA consultant applicant should be someone who is reliable, creative, positive, and has the initiative and discipline to manage ABA programs for children with autism and other disabilities. Our consultants have excellent interpersonal skills, have a minimum of five years in the field, and are passionate about utilizing the principles and methodology of ABA in innovative and efficient ways when providing in-home ABA consultation and therapy. Our consultants use their analytical skills to individualize all programs and to create positive and motivating learning environments for the children they work with.


We currently offer internships through George Mason University. If you need Board Certified Behavior Analyst® or Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst® supervision to sit for the BCBA® or BCABA® examination, please email your resume to Administrator@appliedbehavioralsolutions.net.